MEET THE….new singing coach

Every member of the Noodle Performance Arts team plays an important part in our success.

We love the way everyone works together to make the magic happen, whether they are parents, children, teachers, classroom assistants or admin staff. As a growing business, we particularly like welcoming new faces to our happy Noodle family.

This week, we’re meeting Sophie Lisi, who will be joining Noodle in September as our singing teacher – taking both group and private one-to-one lessons in Sheffield. She will also be teaching one of our performing arts classes.

Sophie is very experienced at working with children and joined Noodle because she wanted to combine her passion for teaching with her love of performing arts. Before accepting the job at Noodle, she was working as a cover supervisor at a school while completing her PGCE to become a qualified teacher specialising in performing arts.

Sophie says: “I was seeking opportunities for performing arts work and stumbled upon the most amazing opportunity with Noodle where I could continue my teaching career in a subject I adore.”

One of the reasons Sophie got involved with Noodle is because she thinks it is important that children have the opportunity to learn performing arts, something which can be neglected in mainstream education where the focus is on academic subjects.

She says: “As a young child, I realised that there were no real performing arts opportunities in mainstream education and I longed to be able to study the arts, so I’m very glad that others can now participate and enjoy it. I also love the variety that Noodle offers, from singing lessons and holiday clubs to parties. There’s something for everyone!”

Sophie is half Italian, although she says her Italian language skills are a little rusty and need work. She has taken part in lots of shows and performed at private functions but she started pursuing performing arts properly when she left high school.

She completed a BTEC in performing arts at Chesterfield College before graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a first class honours degree in performance for stage and screen.

Her style of teaching focuses on building up the confidence of her students so they can develop their skills and excel.

Sophie says: “Sometimes when my pupils don’t have enough confidence in themselves, they put up a barrier and are afraid to try new things which can sometimes be difficult. Conversely, it is SO rewarding when pupils realise their full potential and are happy with themselves and their efforts.

“Their posture, facial expressions and vocals change drastically and I love seeing the ‘Eureka’ moment.”

She adds: “I’m really looking forward to joining Noodle and getting stuck in and training some fabulous pupils to help them realise their full capabilities!”

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