How to prepare for a Noodle show

It’s now June and we’re so excited that two of our shows in Sheffield are just days away.

Our younger children will be taking to the stage to perform Snow White with two shows on Sunday, June 23 at Springs Academy in Sheffield. Then our older students will be performing Seussical Jr at the same venue on June 29 and 30.

Every year, our Noodlers amaze us by how much enthusiasm, effort and commitment they put into getting ready for their performances. But we know that none of it would be possible without the hard work of their parents and wider family too.

We know there are a lot of things to remember in the run-up to a show so here are our top tips for getting ready for a Noodle show:

  • Check your schedules

Make sure you know exactly where your child needs to be and when. Your son or daughter should have brought home a show schedule with the timings of the dress rehearsal and two shows but if you’re not sure, ask your class teacher. Remember that all finish times are approximate so there may be some waiting around if you’re not working as a chaperone or watching that particular performance.

  • Label everything

There are lots of children in each of our shows and many of them will have identical costumes to each other. You wouldn’t believe how much lost property we end up with every year so please label everything clearly. For costumes, please also put them in separate bags labelled with your child’s name and which dance or scene the outfit is for. Large ziplock bags work well for this as they can be sealed and you can easily see what is inside. Then each costume bag can be put together in a larger bag to make it easier for your child to keep their things together. As well as clothing, please remember to put your child’s name in their ballet shoes and jazz shoes as well as other items like water bottles and lunchboxes.

  • Beat boredom backstage

Although show days are really fun and very exciting, there will be times when your child is sitting backstage in between their performances. Help us keep them entertained by packing them some things to do while they are waiting to go on. Please don’t send them with anything valuable like tablets, smartphones or games consoles. Ideal things are books, toys, and non-messy craft activities like a colouring book and crayons. Please also send snacks and drinks but avoid anything messy like chocolate, fizzy drinks or dark coloured juice. For days when your child will be with us over a mealtime, please send them with a packed lunch in addition to their snacks as being in a show is hungry work.

  • Prepare a make-up bag

Make sure you have everything you need for your child’s show make up and put it in a clearly labelled cosmetics bag so they can bring it with them for top-ups during the day. If you don’t already have make-up from previous shows, it is worth investing in some just for your child rather than risk ruining your own. You can get hold of what you need fairly cheaply and then use it for future shows too. Essential items include blue eyeshadow and blusher as the strong lights on stage can make the facial features of performers seem washed out without make-up to define them. Girls will also need red lipstick. You may also choose to use foundation, powder, mascara or eyeliner if you want to but these are optional extras. Please do your child’s hair and make-up before you drop them off but send them in with everything they need in case the chaperones and helpers need to reapply anything or neaten their hair up. Please remove any nail varnish, temporary tattoos and jewellery before the show.

  • Practice makes perfect

Your child will have done lots of rehearsal in their Noodle classes but practice really does make perfect so encourage them to run through their bits at home to help them feel more confident about doing it on stage. This is especially important if your child has any lines to remember. Knowing their part well will help your child feel less nervous about performing in front of an audience. Give them lots of positive praise and encouragement and remind them to smile and enjoy their moment.

  • Get a good night’s sleep

Show days can be exhausting so make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep beforehand. Consider a slightly earlier bedtime than usual if possible and do quiet, calming activities at the end of the day to help them relax and go to sleep quickly. If your child is feeling slightly apprehensive, reassure them that the most important thing about being in the show is having fun.

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