Franchise FAQs

Why choose a Noodle franchise?

At Noodle, we believe children flourish in an environment where they can relax and have fun! Our performing arts classes combine music, singing, dance and drama in shorter, more affordable sessions than traditional dance and theatre schools. We offer high quality teaching but without the stress and expense of exams and uniforms. Noodle stands apart from the competition, which means your franchise can be successful even if there are other dance or theatre schools operating in your area.

What is included in my Noodle franchise?

Unlike some other franchises, we do not charge extra for the different parts of our business. Right from the start, all Noodle classes and parties are included in your franchise package.  We have a bespoke customer and class management system*, which will enable you manage your business effectively.  Our package also includes:

  • A large range of class equipment
  • All class and party plans, including access to newly developed plans as they are published
  • A starter pack of party costumes and equipment
  • Your first year’s PPL licence
  • Teacher uniforms
  • Your own Noodle email and pages on our website
  • A starter pack of marketing material
  • Extensive training, including a one-week residential course, follow up sessions and guidance on policies, health and safety, accounts and book-keeping
  • Ongoing access to our online Noodle Operations Manual
  • Support from the Noodle HQ team
  • Recruitment and HR training and support
  • Sales, marketing and PR training and support
  • Everything you need to know about running your business on a daily basis

*There is a small monthly licence fee payable for use of the bespoke Noodle system

Can I teach if I run a franchise?

Yes! At Noodle, we actually encourage our directors to teach classes. We feel this really helps you to connect with children and parents, gain a good understanding of your target market and keep costs down while your business is getting established. By teaching, you will understand more about how your business really works and you can drive high standards from the outset. As your Noodle business grows, you may choose to take a step back in order to manage your franchise effectively.

What is a typical day as a Noodle franchisee?

The wonderful thing about Noodle is that no two days are ever the same. You may be teaching, visiting a school to speak to a headteacher about classes, running an event or doing your accounts!  One of the key ingredients for a successful Noodle business is organisation. We will give you all the tools you need in order to plan for your business growth and to deliver those plans. In turn, you will need to be flexible and be prepared to work hard!


What can I earn?

We believe the success of your business is directly related to the amount of hard work you are prepared to invest in it! With that in mind, we would expect you to achieve a turnover of around £95,000 by the end of your second year.

What experience do I need?

We expect our franchise to appeal particularly to those who have worked in the performing arts or have worked as a teacher.  Experience in teaching (of any kind) is beneficial, but not essential. If you are someone who is working as a performing arts professional, we can give you all the tools you need to recruit teachers and the plans you need to teach our whole range of classes.

We would expect anyone working with us to have a passion for performing. This does not have to be in a professional capacity, as you do not have to teach our subjects in order to run a Noodle business. If you have business experience, Noodle is a great investment! If you do not have any business experience, you don’t need to worry, as our training programme, online manual and resources will give you everything you need to run your business successfully.

Will I need business premises?

No – our model involves classes being run in hired venues within your territory. We will help you to find the right venues for your classes.

Your Noodle business can be run from home. You will need some space to store the teaching and party equipment that you will receive as part of your franchise package.  As your business grows, you may choose to rent office space for your business premises, but this is not essential.

Where will my Noodle area be?

We will work with you to find the right Noodle area (“territory”) for you. Your area will have at least 30,000 primary-aged children within it.


Can I market outside my Noodle area?

No – you are only permitted to market your classes and parties within your own defined territory, although children can come to your classes from outside your territory.

Do I need to pay extra for Noodle Parties?

No – unlike some other franchises, we do not charge extra for different parts of our business. Everything is included right from the start. We want to give you as many ways as possible to maximise your income and grow your business.

How do I find out more?

Just contact us here and we will send you our franchise prospectus, which will give you full details of our package.

How do I apply for a Noodle franchise?

Once you have had a look through our franchise prospectus, we will give you a call to answer any questions you may have and discuss potential territories. You will then be invited to a Noodle Discovery Day – this will be your chance to see our classes in action and to meet Nikki and our Noodle HQ team.

If you decide that a Noodle franchise is right for you, we will explain the next steps. We recommend a period of 2-4 months between signing your Noodle contract and beginning your classes. This time will allow for your training, the training of your staff and the marketing of your new business.

Noodle Teacher


Our experienced and friendly teachers will help your child fulfil their potential with energetic and imaginative sessions.


Unlike some traditional stage schools, we offer quality classes at parent-friendly prices.


Noodle classes help your child develop valuable life skills, build their confidence and boost their self-esteem.


Our shorter NPA Academy and performing arts sessions mean your child gets everything they need at a more affordable price.

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