5 ways singing can help your child

Encouraging your child to sing is a fantastic way to support your child’s development.

When parents think of ways to help their child at school, they often focus solely on core areas like reading, writing and maths. However, activities like singing also play an important role in helping young people to thrive both socially and academically. 

At Noodle Performance Arts, singing plays a vital part in our performing arts classes and we now also offer one-to-one vocal coaching. We know from experience that singing is not just lots of fun but a great way of helping build children’s confidence and self-esteem.

Here are just some of the ways singing can benefit young people:

  1. It reduces stress levels

When you sing, your body releases endorphins and serotonin – the feel-good hormones often associated with love and exercise. This means it can be quite effective at tackling feelings of stress and anxiety and is good for mental wellbeing. Official government figures suggest one in 10 children between five and 16 years old have a mental health issue and the numbers are expected to rise further. Singing with other people in a group or as part of a choir can also help children develop a sense of belonging which is good for their happiness and self-esteem.

  • Singing boosts memory

Learning songs is a great way of helping children to remember facts and pieces of information and boosts memory skills in general. It is often easier to remember songs than information we have read or heard as speech as attaching words to a tune helps embed it more firmly into our memory. Young children often learn about the world using nursery rhymes and as young people get older, they can use songs to help them remember important facts and revise for exams.

  • It’s great exercise

You probably don’t associate singing with exercise but it is an aerobic activity and actually gives the upper muscles in your body a workout. Singing standing up can also help improve posture, make your cardiovascular system more efficient and strengthen your abdominal muscles. It is also a good way of helping children feel more alert and energetic as singing increases the amount of oxygen in the blood stream.

  • Singing boosts connections in the brain

The act of singing uses different areas of the brain and strengthens the neurological connections between them. These include the parts of the brain involved in language, fine motor skills, visual imagery, emotion and rhythm. Developing these areas of the brain through singing can have benefits in other areas of life and will increase children’s concentration levels.

  • It improves language and communication

Singing with toddlers and young children is a really great way of developing their communication skills as it increases their vocabulary and helps them get used to the structure of language. It also strengthens their lips and tongue, which makes it easier for them to then make the movements necessary to speak clearly. Singing also encourages children to pay more attention to pitch and rhythm which can help them improve their speech.

To find out more about singing with Noodle Performance Arts, email [email protected]or find a class near you here.

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