5 ways performing in a show can benefit your child

Performing in front of an audience can seem daunting but it has lots of benefits for your child.

Taking part in performing arts classes is great for your child but showing off the skills they have learnt in a show is also a fantastic learning experience. At Noodle Performance Arts, we give all our students regular opportunities to perform if they want to and many of our children are now busy preparing for their summer shows.

All our performances are optional but we find that those who do take part in our showsget a lot out of it and their family and friends love watching them as well. 

Here are just some of the ways performing on stage can boost your child’s development:

  • Raises self esteem

Getting up and performing in front of others can be nerve-wracking but once your child has overcome their fears, they will be filled with pride and a sense of self-worth. Hearing an audience applaud their efforts and getting positive feedback from loved ones afterwards is a great way of boosting their self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Teaches the art of perseverance

Anyone who has ever been in a show will know that it can take a lot of rehearsing to get a performance ready for the stage. Learning that practice makes perfect is a valuable lesson that will help your child in all areas of their life from revising for exams to picking up a new skill. Trying again when things don’t go right helps your child develop resilience, perseverance and determination – all important traits when it comes to pursuing their dreams in later life.

  • Boosts literacy skills

If your child has a speaking part in a show or is singing a song, they may be given lines to take home and learn. Learning lines in a song or scene is a fantastic way of inspiring children to read and take time to really understand the words which are written down. Drama also encourages children to interpret the meaning of words and think about how characters are feeling.

  • Encourages teamwork

Putting on a show takes a lot of teamwork and whether your child is dancing, singing or acting, they will almost certainly have to work with others. Learning to cooperate with other children strengthens their social skills and can help them build new friendships. Your child will also become used to listening to and following instructions. 

  • Strengthens memory

Memory is like a muscle so the more your child uses it, the easier they will find it to remember things in the future. When your child is in a show, they are expected to remember a lot of things, including where to stand on the stage, choreography and what their cues are. Strengthening their memory can help your child in all aspects of their life, including recalling information they are taught in school.

Find out more about Noodle’s classes here or book tickets to one of our shows in Sheffield or Cheshire to see our students putting all their new skills to the test.

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