5 reasons you should teach performing arts

Teaching performing arts to children is an incredibly rewarding career.

If you’re a professional performer, you may never have considered a teaching role. But there are lots of reasons to consider taking a role which allows you to pass on the skills you have learnt to the next generation. 

Noodle Performance Arts loves to hear from talented performers who are interested in teaching classes or hosting children’s parties. And we have some job opportunities available in our expanding Cheshire franchise right now.

So why should you consider teaching performing arts to children?

1. The feel-good factor

Few things will match the feeling of seeing a shy child come out of their shell and grow in confidence. Helping youngsters to develop new skills which will help them in lots of different areas of their life is extremely gratifying and will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling which lasts long after the class has finished.

2. Passing on your passion

Chances are, you didn’t go into performing for the money or even the possibility of fame. Most people who work in performing arts do so because it’s a calling. Teaching children singing, dance and drama allows you to share your passion for performing with them so they can discover it for themselves. Who knows? You could end up teaching a future Oscar winner or Hollywood A-lister.

3. A reliable income

Taking on a part-time teaching role is a way of making sure you have a reliable income coming in alongside your performing roles. Or perhaps you are tired of the unpredictability of going to auditions and casting calls and simply want a regular role with a set number of hours and a wage you can depend on. 

4. Having fun at work

There aren’t many jobs where you can genuinely say you have more fun at work than if you’d stayed at home. We believe teaching performing arts to children is one of them. Whether you are teaching improvisation skills to teenagers or giving a group of toddlers their first taste of ballet, we guarantee there will never be a dull moment. 

5. The chance to run your own business

If you’re looking to take control of your future and become your own boss, teaching performing arts might just be the way to do it. Lots of performing arts schools, including Noodle Performance Arts, offer the opportunity to buy a franchise so you can set up classes and workshops in your own area. Buying a Noodle franchise gives you the freedom and flexibility of running your own business without the risk and hassle of starting one from scratch. You are given the training and support you need to hit the ground running and build your own performing arts empire. Find out more about franchise opportunities here.

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