New system allows online payments

Parents will now be able to pay for their Noodle classes online with a new online portal.

Noodle Performance Arts has now started using Dance Studio Pro, an online system which makes it easy for parents to find all the information they need about their children’s dance and performing arts classes.

The portal will include all the details about term dates and performances and mums and dads will be able to log onto their account to see how much money they owe for classes and to make payments.

Nikki Johnson, Noodle’s managing director, said: “As we’ve grown, the management of payments has become more difficult and it can often be hard for busy parents to keep track of exactly how much money they owe. This system will allow everyone to find out all the information they need about classes, shows and payments whenever they need to.

“We know that queuing up after class to make payments to teachers can be time-consuming so being able to make payments online should make life much easier. It also means people won’t have to worry about losing letters any more as they will all be stored on the portal.”

Parents will be given their own parent portal login to access their own account and copies of any letters. They will also be able receive messages from teachers, which will come in handy if any classes need to be cancelled due to snow or bad weather.

The system can also be used by parents to contact their child’s teacher if they need to for any reason.

All parents whose children attend Noodle classes will receive their own unique login by email over the next few weeks. Please let us know if you have any problems using the new system.

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